On-Site Crushing & Recycling

Recycling of materials is the way of the world. Gone are the days of just throwing away materials without consideration for reuse. Given this, CES has invested in two Eagle Concrete Recycling Units. These units are high production and equipped with scales, screens, shockers and radial stackers.

Recycling Methodology:

On a typical project, our demolition crews clear away demolition debris and windrow or stockpile concrete building, slab, footing components and asphalt. This material is further segregated by how much reinforcing steel and residual demolition debris it contains. A specially equipped excavator will be utilized to further reduce the large concrete pieces to a size suitable for recycling. The size reduction is facilitated through utilizing a hydraulic hammer (hoe ram) or a densifying attachment.

Once the concrete is initially processed the crushing/recycling processes take place. Our equipment is capable of producing 200 tons of recycled concrete per hour. The recycled material can be produced as a specific product such as a number 57 or 89 aggregate. These materials can either be sold from the project site or if needed they can remain on-site as structural fill, road base, pipe bedding, or de-watering media.

Project Benefits:

Aside from the obvious benefit of recycling the material there are several project specific benefits of crushing and recycling concrete on-site. The primary project benefit is the reduction of project cost. The disposal or landfill costs will be eliminated as will the related trucking cost. Should the project be of a size that warrants imported fill, the recycled material can be utilized during the new construction activities. This approach reduces or eliminates the expense of imported select fill and road base. Building pads, parking lots and access roads can be constructed of recycled concrete materials without the expense of imported lime rock or other natural aggregates.

Green Credits:

CES participates in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS) rating system and can provide certification for the quantity of concrete and asphalt that has been recycled on-site. Please view the ECO-Friendly Contractor section of our site to determine specific benefits, and contact us for more information.