Interior & Selective Demolition

CES has become a leader in the business of interior and selective demolition services. Over the past 20 years, we have performed partial, phased and complete interior demolition of commercial, retail, governmental, industrial, military, public and private schools. With complete reliance on our existing internal labor force, we have the manpower, tools and equipment to successfully perform any type of interior or selective demolition project. We have performed a wide range of demolition activities including manual selective demolition, building separations, floor covering and adhesive removal, concrete breaking and saw-cutting, using our own man-lifts, bobcats, roll-off containers and roll-off trucks for hauling and disposal of construction debris. We can also help with full-scale commercial demolition and wrecking.

Cross Environmental Services, Inc. has dedicated crews that are specialists in interior demolition projects (also known as strip-outs or gut-outs). Typical interior demolition projects have included the gut-out of various commercial buildings, office buildings, malls, warehouses, laboratories, factories, hospitals and schools. Interior demolition projects have also included removal of equipment such as boilers, piping, presses, tankage, etc.

Facade Demolition

CES also performs the demolition of facades on storefronts. Interior and selective demolition services are typically provided throughout Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC), Tennessee (TN), Louisiana (LA), Alabama (AL), and Mississippi (MS), but CES will also work nationwide depending on the magnitude of the scope of work.

Selective Demolition

CESs selective demolition services are invaluable to clients who want to demolish a building or structure that is attached to a building or structure they wish to keep.

Examples include:

  • Dismantlement and removal of unwanted warehouse sections
  • Removal of penthouses
  • Chimney or stack demolition
  • Silo demolition
  • Air handling system or dust collection system removals
  • Selective dismantlement of obsolete structures

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