Demolition & Wrecking

At CES, we are more than merely a demolition business. As an environmental contractor, CES is in a position to offer a full range of services. One major service that is offered is full-scale commercial demolition and wrecking. From concrete and compaction equipment, to wrecking balls and rigging and rock crushing machines, CES has the equipment to meet our customer's needs. Our team also has the skills and expertise to tackle any project, such as interior & selective demolition.

Demolition Business

Our commercial demolition staff consists of Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, Supervisors, Operators, Laborers, and Truck Drivers. Most of our employees have a minimum tenure of five years, and many of the Superintendents and Supervisors have more than ten years of service with CES. Our team members are capable, efficient, and trustworthy. Our professional approach and knowledge make us a leader in the commercial demolition business.

We own our demolition equipment and our in-house staff is highly skilled and stable. This combination allows us to provide many services in-house, without need for outside subcontractors. When we take on a project, we maintain full control and do not depend on outside resources. Through prudent management of resources and technical capability, we eliminate the variables that create problems on projects.

Demolition Estimating

When selecting a contractor for commercial demolition, it is important to consider the firm's management approach and level of self-investment. The CES team begins each project with demolition estimating. The purpose of this estimate is to create a clear vision of the project for both the client and the CES team. We then work to maintain open, frequent communication with each client, to ensure that the project is completed satisfactorily. Our authoritative, open managerial style makes CES an ideal choice for commercial demolition projects.

CES has invested literally millions of dollars in our equipment and has one of the most modern fleets in the industry. Our wrecking equipment is late model, up to date, and is specially equipped to handle exterior demolition projects. Our excavators are equipped to be compatible with hydraulic hammers, densifiers, grapples, thumbs, pulverizers, multiprocessors and shears. We have specialty excavators with three-stage (72 feet of stick) and long-reach (56 feet of stick) booms.

In addition to the demolition equipment, CES provides in-house trucking for debris removal and disposal. Our truck fleet consists of dump trucks, roll offs, straight trucks and semi tractors. We also have containers and trailers ranging from 18 to 100 cubic yard capacities. The various configurations of trucks and containers gives CES the flexibility to tackle any size project regardless of any type of special constraints associated with it.

As a Class A General Contractor, CES has the credentials required to handle any size project. We provide all required documentation including the EPA mandated NESHAP Notice, demolition permits, Health Department permits, locates, and project close out documents.

Having completed projects ranging from defense contractor facilities to industrial plants and low rise (11 story) structures, CES stands ready to put our experience, equipment and people in service on your project.

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