Asbestos Abatement

Cross Environmental Services is the industry leader for asbestos removal projects. As a pioneer in the asbestos industry, CES developed and refined many of the asbestos abatement and removal techniques in use today.

Given the potential health risks associated with asbestos, contractor selection is extremely important. CES has removed over 15 million square feet of asbestos-containing material from a wide array of projects. We specialize in compliance with state, local, and federal regulations, and have collegial relationships with regulators and administrators in the enforcement arms of the various indoor air-quality districts.

Asbestos Disposal Training & Certifications

Our work force is fully certified and trained by EPA, OSHA, & MSHA accredited training providers. CES also has an in-house compliance and safety officer who oversees every aspect of job site risk management, from planning to final asbestos disposal. The CES team is fully equipped to ensure safety during every step of the asbestos removal process.

Our asbestos abatement techniques are optimized for any space, from isolated spaces to low-rise and mid-rise towers. The CES team has removed asbestos from a broad range of spaces, including hospitals, mid-rise and commercial office buildings, public and private schools, government and military buildings, airports, power plants, industrial/manufacturing plants, multi-family housing projects, and retail stores. We also provide safe and environmentally sound asbestos disposal.

Asbestos Removal Services

CES is often asked to provide asbestos abatement and removal services in a portion of a building, while the other portion continues to operate. We have the experience and technical expertise to remove the regulated and non-regulated asbestos-containing materials without interrupting productivity. During asbestos removal, CES utilizes engineering controls to prevent interruption of services and activities on separate floors.

Because of our longevity in the asbestos removal and disposal industry, CES offers its clients the benefits of very stable and trustworthy workforce; project managers, supervisors, and laborers with tremendous experience; and the technical capacity to understand and develop a work plan for each specific project.

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