Management Team

Clyde A. Biston


Clyde A. Biston is the founder and has been chief executive officer of CES since 1988. Mr. Biston has over 40 years experience in the general construction and asbestos abatement industry. Prior to entering the abatement profession, he operated a building contractor business. In the nine years prior to the formation of CES, Mr. Biston personally supervised the removal of more than 2 million square feet of asbestos containing materials on projects in Florida and Georgia, as well as many large-scale demolition and remediation projects. Mr. Biston's experience as founder of CES qualifies him to serve on the Company's board of directors.

Sharon Rosenbauer

Vice President and Treasurer

Sharon Rosenbauer has been with CES since 1992. She started at CES as its sole bookkeeper, and has been CES's Vice President/Treasurer since 2009. Prior to joining CES, Ms. Rosenbauer worked as an auditor for both the Hilton and Holiday Inn Corporations. Ms. Rosenbauer was also employed as the Price Administrator and Contract Negotiator with her primary focus in cost-accounting. Ms. Rosenbaeur's experience at CES qualifies her to serve on the Company's board of directors.

John Tostanoski

Vice President

John Tostanoski has been with CES since 2003 and has over forty years of contracting and consulting experience in the environmental industry, including project management, analytical testing, contamination assessment and remediation, asbestos and lead assessment and remediation, indoor air quality, expert testimony and regulatory intervention. His responsibilities have included all aspects of administrative, financial, marketing, personnel, and quality oversight. Mr. Tostanoski has also served as a principal environmental consultant to several Fortune 500 companies, developing baseline and compliance monitoring programs, establishing hazardous waste management plans, indoor air quality surveys and monitoring, large scale asbestos surveys and abatements, industrial waste permitting and pretreatment design. Mr. Tostanoski received his BS in Environmental Sciences from Florida International University. Mr. Tostanoski's contracting and consulting experience qualify him to serve on the Company's board of directors.

James Smith

Vice President

James Smith has been with CES since 1995 and has over 20 years of experience in the supervision of asbestos abatement projects throughout the United States and over 15 years of experience in commercial general construction. Mr. Smith has experience as an operations manager, supervisor, and estimator of construction, abatement, remediation, and selective demolition projects throughout the United States and abroad.